How it Works & Registration

Registration is easy. Register only once and we can pick up twice a week, weekly or fortnightly – it’s up to you.  We will bill your credit card after each order. Accounts can be set up to approved customers upon application. At Drop n Go we put the customer first and we’re here to make your life a little easier.

Benefits at a Glance

FREE Pick-Up & Delivery at your home or office for all orders over $30.

For orders under $30, a $5 pick up and delivery fee will apply.

  • FREE Pick-Up & Delivery at your home or office
  • Convenient service at your front door
  • Save time for the more important things in your life
  • Always look your best in professionally, dry cleaned clothes
  • No need to be home
  • Dry cleaning prices are identical to in-store prices
  • Charges are conveniently billed to your credit card

How it Works

  • After you sign up, we will inform you of your pick-up and delivery days. We will provide you with a “starter kit” including laundry bags and suit bags with ID tags.
  • Remember, the pick-up & delivery service is completely FREE. The dry cleaning charge is the same as you will pay in store.
  • After your first order, the driver will come twice a week to your home or business unless you inform them to only come when called. You do not have to have items every week. However, if you are only an occasional user, it is recommended that you call to request service each time.


1. You don't need to be home. Just use your Drop n Go VIP Bag and leave your dry cleaning and/or laundry outside the front door on your designated pickup day.

2. We'll pick up your Drop n Go VIP Bag that day...

3. We then deliver your fresh, clean clothes the next scheduled delivery day. You DO NOT have to be home. We will coordinate with you as to where the clothes are to be picked up and delivered.


We will bill your credit card either per order, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Again, we’re easy; it’s completely up to you. You’re the customer and at Drop n Go we’re here to make your life easy.

For specific delivery areas or to sign up call (03) 9530 3449 or txt  “Pick up” to 0420 742 130 or via Contact Form.